Message from the Ambassador

Australia and Kuwait

The Australian Embassy in Kuwait is proud to work closely with the Australian Business Group in Kuwait in supporting Australian and Kuwait business links.

At almost A$1 billion, Australia’s trade with Kuwait is substantial.  Kuwait is a major investor in Australia, close to one the top 20 countries investing in Australia, and is Australia’s largest market for live sheep.  It is a major market for Australian wheat, cars, and a growing market for food and beverages. 

Kuwait is also an important market for Australian education and tourism services. Some 1,500 Kuwaiti students are enrolled in Australian institutions. The establishment of the Australian College of Kuwait in 2004 and Box Hill College of Kuwait in 2007 has assisted in expanding educational links.

But there is a lot more Australia and Kuwait can offer each other.  Kuwait’s plans to develop infrastructure mega-projects for example present significant business potential.  I am keen to see more Australian companies working here in Kuwait, partnering with Kuwaiti businesses and exposing them to some of the best products and services on offer in the world across areas such as infrastructure, health, oil and gas, and food and beverage. 

I very much look forward to talking to and working with Australian businesses through Australian Business Group events about how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Your’s Sincerely

Warren Hauck

Australian Ambassador to Kuwait


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